Thursday, March 6, 2014

SEIU-UHW's Dave Regan: "I want you back, Duane!"

Regan: "I want you back, Duane"

Dave Regan’s ballot-initiative bamboozle doesn’t appear to be going too well. 

At least, that's the impression that Tasty gets from Regan’s increasingly desperate efforts to get someone… anyone… at the California Hospital Association (CHA) to pay attention to him.

Recently, Regan launched his most dramatic attention-grabbing effort to date. He ordered SEIU-UHW’s staffers to collect signatures for his fake ballot initiatives right in front of the CHA’s office in Sacramento! And to make sure the CHA didn't miss it, he held a press conference on the sidewalk at the same time.

It was quite a scene.

There was Regan, perched on the CHA’s doorstep as he played the role of the jilted lover who’d like nothing more than to climb between the sheets with his ex-lovers at the CHA. 

Regan nervously craned his neck in hopes of catching a glimpse of Duane Dauner through the CHA’s tinted windows. Dave was like the quintessential spurned lover who stands outside his ex’s apartment and screams crazy sh*t like, “I swear I'm gonna kill myself unless you get back together with me….”  “PLEASE,” Regan sobbed. “I just wanna us to be like we were before…”

So why isn’t Duane Dauner inviting Regan to do the Big Nasty under the CHA’s silk sheets?

It may have something to do with the following facts recited by the Los Angeles Times in a recent article:

She said the hospital association had calculated that [Regan’s] pricing measure would pull $12 billion in annual revenue from the state's hospitals, causing the facilities to cut back on the services they offer. (The labor union has a lower estimate of the measure's effect on hospitals: a $3.4-billion decline in revenue).

Did you catch that? If Regan’s fake initiatives actually appear on the ballot and are approved by voters, they’ll drain billions of dollars from California's hospitals. Under that scenario, imagine Regan as he attempts to negotiate pay increases for SEIU-UHW's members... from the same hospital CEOs who’ve been stripped of billions of dollars thanks to Dave’s initiatives.

So… it may be that the CHA has finally discovered the fatal flaw in Regan’s fake ballot scheme… and is now calling Dave’s bluff. Stay tuned!