Monday, March 10, 2014

Fight for $15? Whoops! SEIU-UHW’s Dave Regan didn’t get the memo.

National headlines have highlighted the “Fight for $15” to win long-overdue wage increases for fast food workers. SEIU, in classic fashion, has planted its flag atop the movement with Mary Kay Henry gleefully tweeting about her undying support for a livable wage of $15 an hour.

And then there’s Dave Regan… who apparently is not too good at math.  

It turns out that Regan is paying hundreds of signature-gatherers as little as $10 an hour (with no benefits) to qualify his fake ballot propositions for California’s November ballot, according to staffers on the campaign.

It’s classic SEIU, right?

“Do as I say, not as I do.”

The signature-gatherers are required to collect between 90 and 110 signatures during a six-hour shift. If they fail to meet the quota, they're fired.

In similar campaigns, signature-gatherers are paid a flat dollar amount per signature, which would produce higher take-home pay than what Regan’s currently paying. Instead, Regan is paying a wage that’s far below what SEIU itself considers livable… and far less than Regan’s salary of $300,000 a year.

Insiders report that Regan will spend $5 million on his signature-gathering effort. Most of the money will land in the bank account of "Democracy Resources," a political consulting firm based in Portland, Oregon that’s staffed by some ex-SEIU staffers.

In 2012, Regan paid the firm $4.2 million to collect signatures for the first round of his fake ballot measure maneuver, which he promptly yanked off the ballot so he could have partnership talks with hospital CEOs.

The following year, Regan paid Democracy Resources an unknown sum to knock on Kaiser Permanente workers’ front doors during the giant NLRB election for 45,000 workers.

Ted Blaszak, Democracy Resources
This year, Regan’s BFF, Meg Niemi, also hired the firm to collect signatures for her so-called “consumer oriented” ballot measures, which she happily traded away in exchange for partnership talks with some of Oregon’s hospital bosses. (Uh, sorry consumers.)

Democracy Resources is headed by Portland resident Ted Blaszak, who apparently spends way too much time watching “Portlandia.”

James Musumeci, one of the firm's top staffers, formerly worked for SEIU and TruCorps, a consulting firm co-founded by SEIU’s Jim Philliou that has pocketed beaucoup bucks from Regan.

“The fast-food workers are fighting for all of us,” said SEIU President Mary Kay Henry about the "Fight for $15" campaign.

Hmmm… wonder who will fight for SEIU’s $10-an-hour signature gatherers?

SEIU-UHW's DOL Form LM-2, 2012