Sunday, June 13, 2010

Election News Round-up

-NUHW was certified by the Regional NLRB as the union for Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital! Congrats!

-Oh, not so fast, we're gonna drag this out, says the hospital--SRMH appeals to DC.

-St Louise workers choose SEIU 96 - NUHW 72. NUHW files charges about management interference in support of SEIU.

-Seems like NUHW might be on to something, because at O'Connor, another Daughter of Charities hospital down the street, the boss's behavior was so bad that the ballots were impounded (not counted) so that the board could investigate. But anyway, Tasty thought SEIU released these particular hospitals because they were going to annihilate NUHW at them....seems a little closer than they are hoping for. Maybe that is a reflection of their genius staff's ability to assess workers?

-Kaiser optical workers petitioned to decertify SEIU and join NUHW. Only 2 more units to go until all Kaiser workers are actively splitting from SEIU! Up next: the big 45,000 unit! How many Zombies will SEIU send in for that election?

-Maybe this charming anecdote, that a tipster sent in, gives us an idea of how things are going to be for Kaiser workers and patients during the Zombie invasion:

"Workers are reporting another of SEIU's "WWIII" incident that took place Thursday at Kaiser Modesto Medical Center, where SEIU recently sent a busload of 70 staff and lost-timers who literally swarmed through the hospital and caused staff to lock themselves inside offices and rooms. Today, SEIU sent 15 people who marched through the hallways chanting "God damned union territory." According to workers, the SEIU staffers almost knocked over a Kaiser patient in a wheelchair and sent other patients scrambling."