Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Competent Much, UHW?

Got this tip from a reader today:

I was just walking the state capitol grounds at lunch time. There is a UHW march planned today and they were all trying to find any available shade. Serving pizza to the members who showed. Overheard a conversation. One member was walking over to a small group of others and was saying: "The march has been canceled. Our great union did not get the proper permits. We are only allowed right over here". They were just sitting under a tree on the west lawn. Some were on the south lawn. Those members are "cooking". It has to be 90 degrees out there.

From UHW's website: "More than 1,000 seniors, disabled people, and their caregivers from across the state blanketed the State Capitol for a day of action..."

LOL, blanketed! Sounds about right for a bust of a rally that turns into a sweltering picnic where hot pizza is served.

And again, we must ask, who was the genius staffer who was supposed to get the permit?