Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rod Roddy Blagojevich's Trial Begins. Andy Crosses all his Fingers and all his Toes.

Today, jury selection begins in former Illinois Governor Rod "The Hair" Blagojevich's federal corruption trial. By all accounts, SEIU's name will be splashed around the court room like dues money during Tyrone's wedding. And who knows, SEIU's own Andy Stern (we've been missing you, boo!) and Tom Balanoff may make appearances on the witness stand!

A article seems to captures the nervous mood of people caught up in the corruption scandal: "Rod Blagojevich Trial Rattles Insiders... The corruption trial of former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich has some of D.C.'s biggest names bracing for fallout."

From what Tasty can see, Andy, Anna and Tom Balanoff must be getting clammy palms these days, (which con not be helping Andy in his quest to fall in love!) According to Politico, "Defense attorneys say that a union official — SEIU Illinois Council President Tom Balanoff, according to reports — told [Valerie] Jarrett that, at the president’s request, he was going to press the case for Blagojevich to appoint her. Blagojevich and the labor official met on Nov. 6, 2008..."

Politico says that testimony by Balanoff could have huge repercussions for others: "Balanoff's interactions with Obama, Jarrett and Blagojevich could reveal more about how involved the White House was in the talks about the Senate seat."

Whatever the case, Tasty knows one thing for sure--SEIU's DC officials are undoubtedly blowing huge wads of members' dues money on an army of attorneys.