Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Guess Who's Back? Back Again! Shady Rickman is Back!

Tasty hears that Rickman Jackson was recently sighted with SEIU Executive Vice President Gerry Hudson at the annual conference of the Coalition of Black Trade Unions, which runs from May 26-31 in Detroit.

Rickman has been pretty "radioactive" ever since the LA Times revealed that he'd stolen tens of thousands of dollars from SEIU members and then was forced to resign his appointed position as president of 57,000-member SEIU Healthcare Michigan. Oopsie!

Of course, SEIU's Top Zombies in DC never seemed very concerned with all those pesky stolen dues dollars. After Rickman resigned his position in disgrace, Mary Kay Henry quickly hired Rickman into a $130,000-a-year job in SEIU's DC headquarters. When some SEIU staff refused to work with Rickman, Mary Kay decided it'd be better to send Rickman to Canada until people's memories faded away a bit. And then Rickman showed back up in SEIU's DC headquarters.

So what does it mean that Gerry Hudson is palling around with Rickman south of the Canadian border? Has the geiger counter stopped clicking?

Nah, Mary Kay, Gerry and co. are simply continuing the same bottom-of-the-barrel ethical standards that they set up during the Stern years, which brought us Tyrone Freeman, Annelle Grajeda, Byron Hobbs, Alejandro Stephens, Sharon-Frances Moore, so on and so on and so on.

He stole dues money. And if the LA Times hadn't busted Tyrone, he might never have gotten caught. Super face for the union, Tasty is sure that the Coalition of Black Trade Union were honored to have his presence.

Members: watch out for Rickman! He might come to your local!