Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wasn't Me! Mary Kay channels Shaggy...

Tasty thinks you are going to enjoy The Nation's new article about SEIU--it's called "The SEIU Andy Stern Leaves Behind."

It describes Andy's bravado about organizing, the truth behind the claims of "largest and fastest growing," and the fights with NUHW and Unite Here.

The article also touches on new President Mary Kay:

They note that Henry has been part of Stern's inner circle for many years, as a union vice president, executive committee member and director of the union's healthcare division, and signed off on the more controversial decisions of Stern's presidency. NUHW's Rosselli spent thirty years working with Henry in SEIU's healthcare division, during which "there were times of absolute collaboration and then times of absolute betrayal," he says. In one case, a national bargaining team Henry oversaw during negotiations with the Tenet hospital chain in 2007 agreed to concessionary contract terms without clearing them with members in California, in what would become a critical point of contention in the ensuing battle between Rosselli's local and the national union. Henry disputes Rosselli's claim about the role she played in the Tenet bargaining, describing it as a temporary misunderstanding caused by a "rogue bargainer," which she quickly corrected.

Who, then, was the "Rogue Bargainer?"

...the suspect list will be posted tomorrow.