Friday, June 17, 2011

King Andy Splits with Labor, Sides with Big Business

Along with the Congressional investigation into SIGA Technologies (see below), SEIU's President Emeritus Andy Stern took a few more smackdowns this week for showing his true pro-business colors.

On Wednesday, Stern appeared alongside the CEO of Duke Energy in Washington, DC to throw his support behind cutting taxes on the $1.3 trillion of profits that US corporations have stashed in the Cayman Islands and other overseas hideouts (b/t/w, it's really "TRILLION").

The pro-business publication "Bloomberg Businessweek" described it this way: "Former SEIU President Stern Splits with Labor, Backs Tax Holiday." In the article, the AFL-CIO delivered one of Stern's smackdowns, saying: “This is a really, really, really bad idea.”

And at the DC press event on Wednesday, a grassroots organization called "US Uncut," which fights corporate tax abuses, publicly confronted Stern, telling him: "You, sir, should be ashamed of yourself." Check out US Uncut's press release about the incident: "US Uncut Confronts Former SEIU President Andy Stern."

Tasty can just imagine the scene in the VIP room after the DC event: Andy, after pimping for the Big Boss during the press event, tries to pal around with all the CEOs in fancy suits. “Wanna go to lunch?,” mumbles Andy, as he stretches out his sweaty palm in search of more gigs on corporate Boards of Directors so he can expand the 35,000 stock options that he's already pocketed at SIGA Technologies.

Tasty wonders which of Andy’s buddies at the Purple Palace will be next to board the corporate gravy train. Hmmm...