Monday, June 13, 2011

Update on Kaiser Trial

What's the latest on the NLRB's investigation into last year's big Kaiser election for 43,000 workers? Well, several months of hearings are all finished. And NUHW, Kaiser Permanente, and SEIU just submitted their "post-hearing briefs" to the administrative law judge.

Next step? The judge begins deliberating on all of the evidence and then writes up her decision (which will take months). If the judge finds serious violations by SEIU and Kaiser, she has the power to overturn last year's election results.

NUHW recently posted transcripts from the hearings on its website, along with NUHW's 154-page "post-hearing brief." Also, check out this 5-minute YouTube video that has a quick summary of the hearing and gives new details about the deep collusion between SEIU and Kaiser.

As one worker put it: "Are Kaiser and SEIU in bed together? Sh*t! They're so deep in bed, they're gonna have babies..." Well, it looks like one of their babies (aside from the back-room deal to cut Kaiser workers' health benefits and pensions) might possibly be a decision to overturn the largest private-sector union election since the 1940s.

Now… Tasty wants to remind readers that we’re talking about the NLRB -- the same agency that has allowed SEIU to block some workers' elections for 2 1/2 years. But Tasty hears there's such solid evidence against KaiSEIU that it should be hard for even the NLRB to ignore. Stay tuned!

P.S. Pictured above is Allen Nuccio in a Kaiser facility during the election. Nuccio, who was sent from the Amalgamated Transport Union on the East Coast to work on SEIU’s election campaign, nevertheless got a company-issued ID badge from management that let him campaign inside locked areas of hospitals and clinics, where he reportedly bullied, badgered and lied to workers. Check out Nuccio’s ATU video where he claimed to actually support “employee free choice.” Guess he must have forgotten all of his principles on the plane ride out to California.