Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More CA workers leaving SEIU

Tasty hears that more of California’s public-sector workers are leaving SEIU. So far, workers in three Central Valley cities – Tulare, Corcoran and Exeter – have decertified SEIU Local 521 and joined a new union called the “California League of Cities Employees Association.” In Hanford, CLOSEA lost a decert election for 120 city workers.

And in Kings County, a local newspaper reports that 77% of the county’s 800 employees signed decert petitions to leave SEIU and join CLOSEA, but county officials blocked the election due to a technicality. Next month, the workers will apparently get a chance to re-file their decert petition.

Further south, Tasty hears that workers are fixin’ to bolt from another SEIU local: Local 221 in San Diego. That’s the local where Eliseo Medina, earlier in his career, was appointed as the Executive Director and that’s been wracked by one scandal after another, with the local union losing almost 20% of its membership in recent years.