Wednesday, June 22, 2011

News from Strike at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital

Check out this picture of the strike line at 6:30am yesterday from CBS’s live coverage! Tasty hears it was quite a strike – giant picket lines and lots of energy.

There’s lots of news coverage, but Tasty especially likes this TV coverage on Telemundo. Ya gotta check it out! As Tasty always says, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” So even if you don’t speak Spanish, watch the images. (After the website loads, click on the little TV screen on the right side where it says “CLICK TO PLAY VIDEO” to see news for June 21.)

The first piece covers NUHW members’ strike at SVMH to protest the hospital’s plans for layoffs -- you can see footage of the picket line. Next, the TV announcer turns to a story about SEIU’s stalled contract talks in the same county, where government officials want to lay off 180 SEIU members. Take a look at the “fight-back campaign” that SEIU is waging. Quite a difference, wouldn’t ya say?