Wednesday, June 22, 2011

LOTS More Problems for SEIU in California

Looks like yet another SEIU local union in California is in deep trouble. This time it’s Local 1000, which represents about 90,000 state government workers and is one of SEIU’s largest locals in California.

Check out this CBS TV news story called "SEIU Under Attack from Inside Out." CBS reports that, last year, 28,000 members filed forms to withhold their dues from Local 1000. Meanwhile, members are signing petitions to decertify SEIU so they can join an independent union. (To see the TV news story, you gotta wait a bit for the little TV to load on your screen after you click the hyperlink above).

At the end of the news story, the anchorman sums it up this way: "The SEIU is in big, big trouble..."

B/t/w, are there any large SEIU locals in Cali where members are NOT rebelling? Hmm… This makes Tasty think back to 2008, when SEIU’s Bill “Mr. Implosion” Ragen famously warned SEIU’s DC officials about the dangers of invading California: “It’s like Iraq. Easy to get in, and then…”