Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Union Members Bolt SEIU Local 721 in Los Angeles

This just in... Tasty hears that 450 city attorneys just disaffiliated from SEIU Local 721 after SEIU officials attempted another end-run on union democracy. The 450 attorneys are members of the Los Angeles City Attorneys Association (LACAA), which had been part of SEIU Local 721.

Here’s what happened:

In April, LACAA's members overwhelmingly rejected a sell-out contract negotiated by SEIU’s Julie “Giveback” Butcher. The tentative agreement would have imposed 13 unpaid furlough days and cuts to members’ pension benefits. After the membership's rejection, SEIU officials quickly orchestrated an unauthorized "re-vote" of the already-rejected contract --just like what SEIU did at Luther Manor Nursing Home in Michigan.

This time, however, the geniuses at SEIU messed with the wrong crowd... ATTORNEYS!  

The city attorneys… after whacking SEIU upside the head with a few law books… quickly triggered various terms of their carefully crafted affiliation agreement to (1) stop payment of all union dues to SEIU and (2) to officially terminate their affiliation agreement with SEIU. Wham!

Adios, SEIU!