Sunday, November 6, 2011

More Canadians Bolt SEIU

This just in...  Late last week, 263 workers in Ontario, Canada registered SEIU's latest decertification loss. According to this article, 70% of the workers at Moulure Alexandria Moulding voted to leave SEIU Local 2 to join a competing union. Tasty hears the loss is a serious blow for SEIU because the facility was one of the larger bargaining units inside Local 2, which has 10,000 members.

Apparently, California's healthcare workers are plenty familiar with the Field Reps from SEIU Local 2. They were some of the thousands of purple-shirters who parachuted into the Golden State to impose SEIU's bogus trusteeship and law-breaking Kaiser campaign.

No wonder Canadian workers are rushing to leave SEIU -- kinda hard to get help with a grievance when your Field Rep is 2,000 miles away in California!

B/t/w, Tasty hears that SEIU must have failed its (former) Ontario workers big time...  because workers voted by a wide margin to join a new union that's notorious for bargaining weak contracts.