Monday, November 14, 2011

NUHW Blasts Kaiser Permanente... SEIU Cowers in Corner

Imagine this: You're suffering from severe depression, suicidal thoughts or an anxiety disorder. How'd you like to wait for weeks or months to get an appointment with a mental health professional simply because your HMO's fat-cat executives have refused to hire enough staff to care for you?

Well, today, NUHW members blasted Kaiser executives for these kinds of patient-care violations. NUHW published a 36-page report that got national press attention, including this article in USA Today and other coverage like this: "Kaiser Permanente Makes Billions in Profits While Overburdening Staff: Report."

Meanwhile, two independent organizations of mental health professionals issued letters backing NUHW's call for government investigations of Kaiser.

Where's SEIU on this? Well... not a peep from Kaiser's partner in crime. In fact, SEIU is so deep in bed with the Boss that they can't even contemplate uttering a criticism of Kaiser. Remember... SEIU is the union that recently teamed up with Kaiser managers to try to break workers' strike by threatening SEIU's own members with termination if they honored their co-workers' picket line! 

As far as NUHW's new report... Tasty recommends you take a look at it, along with video-taped testimony from patients and caregivers, available at this site. Way to go, NUHW members!