Wednesday, November 2, 2011

SEIU's Cory Cordova Dives Deeper into Gutter

Remember scab extraordinaire Cory Cordova? He’s the SEIU-UHW staffer who helped carry out Dave Regan’s illegal firing of a popular SEIU-UHW member at Lakewood Regional Medical Center in Southern California. And at USC University Hospital, Cordova famously worked hand-in-hand with hospital execs and their union-busting consultants to try to defeat a union drive by 600 workers… even though workers ultimately voted to join NUHW by a three-to-one margin.

Well… last Friday, SEIU’s Cory Cordova took “scabbing” to a new level by showing the world how much SEIU loves to help employers. Here’s what happened.

After a government investigation that lasted for months, the NLRB put USC University Hospital on trial for violating its employees’ federal labor rights. Last Friday, near the end of the trial, USC management called a surprise witness to the stand: SEIU’s Cory Cordova! (That’s him in the photo).

What did Cordova say? Under questioning by management, he told the judge that after SEIU’s trusteeship in 2009, SEIU basically allowed management to make unlimited changes to workers’ contract. Why’s that relevant? Because USC is currently on trial for violating workers’ contract. According to SEIU’s Cordova, USC's violations were a routine, day-to-day reality under SEIU’s watch, meaning that management should continue to have the right to gut the workers’ contract… even though the workers booted SEIU out of the facility.

Quite a stunning admission for SEIU. After all, what's a union that can't enforce its own members' contract? Kind of like a baker that can't bake bread. Or a farmer that can't farm.

Equally stunning?  The fact that SEIU officials instructed Cordova to voluntarily testify for USC management even though SEIU doesn’t represent a single worker at USC. It looks like SEIU is working extra hard to build its reputation as the bosses' union among California healthcare companies!