Monday, November 21, 2011

SEIU-UHW Field Rep Lisa Cox Shows True Colors by Teaming Up with Kaiser Permanente... Permanently

Ever wonder how deep the collusion is between SEIU and Kaiser Permanente?  Well, would it surprise you that SEIU’s Field Reps are taking jobs as Kaiser supervisors… and are now responsible for disciplining SEIU-UHW’s own members?

That’s exactly what happened at Kaiser San Francisco Medical Center, where workers report that SEIU Field Rep Lisa Cox just became a manager of the hospital’s Environmental Services Department.

Cox is the SEIU-UHW Field Rep who recently teamed up with management to threaten and bully SEIU-UHW’s own members in advance of the giant strike on September 22. Here’s what one worker wrote about Cox:
After talking with co-workers about the strike during a break, I was called into my director's office and was told to stop telling people they have the right to honor NUHW's picket line. She and her managers were telling employees that if they respected the picket line, they’d be considered a "no-show" and would be disciplined. At that point, Lisa Cox (the SEIU Rep) came into her office and told me, in front of my director, that SEIU did not support the strike and would support management's decision to discipline. My manager then said if I was "caught" talking about the strike, she would suspend me.
And it gets worse.

As the Field Rep, Cox was responsible for all of the hospital workers’ grievances and knew all of the intimate details about each worker’s case. By flipping to management, Cox is committing the highly unethical act of basically handing all these confidential details to management so they can screw workers.

Sounds par for the course for SEIU. After all, what can you really expect from Field Reps who're trained by SEIU officials to systematically bully and deceive the union's own members... like they did during last year's Kaiser election and so many others.