Monday, May 14, 2012

Bargaining Committee Member Trashes SEIU's Tentative Agreement with Kaiser Permanente

Check this out. On Friday night, a member of SEIU-UHW’s bargaining committee went public with a blistering attack on SEIU’s tentative agreement with Kaiser Permanente.

And get this… she did it during an online radio show where she talks about her first-hand experiences inside the negotiations. The Kaiser employee -- Sophia Sims -- is also a member of SEIU-UHW’s Executive Board.

So what happened during the negotiations? Here’s a five-minute excerpt from Sims's radio broadcast where she describes what Dave Regan, Joe Simoes, John August and others did during the final hours of the bargaining sessions:

  Here's a transcription of part of this clip:

When it really came down to the real meat and potatoes, they totally took out all the members. We couldn’t be in the room. We couldn’t hear nothing. And we don’t know what the hell they said. And then all of a sudden, here we go with, you know, “This is what we came up with.” We were even told at one time that everything was intact. And then a couple of hours later, they come back saying, "Well no everything wasn’t intact and, no, Kaiser said they’re gonna pull this, they gonna pull this, they gonna pull that, they gonna pull this." So you really couldn’t tell what the hell was going on and what went on. And I guess what really, really, really truly bothers me also is that, people never like to tell what really, really went on in these negotiations. They never like to tell the whole truth about what really went on.
In other segments of her radio program, Sims reports that “Wall Street” Dave Regan didn’t even give copies of the tentative agreements to members of the bargaining committee. And she describes multiple failures of the bargaining, including Regan's refusal to address the wage gap between Northern and Southern California as well as the failure to conduct "local bargaining" for the second time in a row. 

Stay tuned for more info!