Monday, May 21, 2012

SEIU-UHW: Your Partner in HR at Sutter Health

It looks like Dave Regan has taken his “labor-management partnerships” to an entirely new level. In fact, Regan’s own staffers are having a hard time remembering who they’re actually supposed to be working for.

Take the case of Dominic Mitchell.

Mitchell has been SEIU-UHW’s Field Rep at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center in Oakland, California for a couple of years. The hospital is owned by Sutter Health, a $9 billion corporation that’s one of California’s worst anti-union companies.

Recently, SEIU-UHW’s 1,200 members were kinda surprised when Dominic Mitchell suddenly showed up in the hospital’s Human Resources Department… behind a desk and in a suit ! It turned out that Mitchell had taken a job as one of the company’s Human Resources agents and is now responsible for disciplining and firing the same employees that he’d been responsible for protecting.

Workers are stunned. After all, Mitchell has been managing all their grievances and negotiations with management. He knows workers' intimate personal details and vulnerabilities… and can now use them against workers. Talk about unethical! 

Check out a leaflet (see below) that workers recently circulated about Dominic’s purple partnership with the Boss.

Of course, this isn’t Regan’s first flirtation with Sutter's execs. SEIU staffers Cass Gualvez, Erica McDuffy and Carrie Cianchetti worked hand-in-hand with Sutter’s executives to illegally fire a longtime rank-and-file worker at the same hospital, which is detailed in this judge’s 50-page ruling

And Regan allowed Sutter to slash workers’ health insurance and and impose an aggressive Wellness Program during contract negotiations. Tasty bets that SEIU-UHW's officials will soon be coordinating with Dominic Mitchell to implement the next stages of Regan's Wellness Program at the hospital!

Here’s workers' leaflet: