Friday, May 18, 2012

What's on the Agenda at the Coalition's "Endorsement Conference" this Weekend?

Readers may recall that, today, the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions begins its "endorsement conference" at a hotel in Los Angeles.

So what's on the agenda? Funny you should ask. An insider forwarded a special version of the agenda with interesting notes intended for John August, Dave Regan and other top union officials.

In case you're wondering whether the delegates will actually vote to endorse the Coalition's tentative agreement with Kaiser, check out the section entitled "2012 National Agreement" that's scheduled for tomorrow morning. The head-honchos' version of the agenda has this helpful note: "Consensus endorsement is outcome of discussion." Well... there you go! Looks like all the delegates might as well stay home and save all the Partnership Taxes they'll be spending during their stay at the LAX Sheraton Hotel.

Oh, and don't miss Dave Regan's visionary speech on Saturday morning called: "Translating our Victory into Leadership." Tasty wonders whether Dave will discuss the internal disciplinary charges that SEIU-UHW's members filed against him this week for violating their rights under SEIU-UHW's own constitution! Dave Regan: a portrait in principled leadership!

The agenda is pasted below, with various parts highlighted in red by Tasty. After reviewing the agenda, Tasty got the distinct impression that this meeting could easily be confused with a Sunday service of the "Church of the Divine Partnership." Tasty especially likes the following "objective" of the conference: "Understand what our victory means for the future of partnership." Hmm... What about "the future of healthcare workers and patients?"

Here's the agenda:


Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions
Delegate Conference 
May 18-19, 2012
LAX Sheraton Hotel, Los Angeles, CA

  • Discuss our new National Agreement
  • Discuss ratification timeline
  • Understand what our victory means for the future of partnership
  • Endorse new National Agreement
  • Agree on ratification timelines and additional partnership campaign activities
  • Grow in appreciation of our partnership

Jodie Fine

6-6:10 pm
John August
Set initial context for meeting; introduce first CIC member
6:10—6:45 pm
Experiencing National Bargaining
John August and CIC members
LaMont Stone (Local 29), Ilda Luna (UHW), Robin Blake (UHW), Rosalie Arellos (UHW), Patty Harris (Local 49), Maria Fenwick (Local 105), Maria Vasquez (Local 105), Cindy Klein (UNAC), Pam Broderson (UNAC), Joan Heller (Local 7), Kim Mbaye (Local 1996) to present experience that best illustrated value of partnership and collaboration for 2-3 minutes each
6:45—9 pm

Cash bar and hors d’ouvres


7 – 9 am
Jodie Fine

7--8:15 am

8:30--8:40 am
Kathleen Melton, KPNAA
Set context for day – value of partnership – IBPS, collaboration, etc – in reaching our National Agreement; review agenda, introduce Sandy Wohler
8:40--8:50 am
Roll call
Sandy Wohler, IBT
Beverly White will prep; Sandy introduces John August
8:50--9 am
What our Bargaining Victory Means
John August, Union Coalition
Comparison of where we came from and what we got in bargaining and the role partnership played
9 – 9:30 am
Translating our Victory into Leadership
Dave Regan, SEIU-UHW-West
National Agreement positions health care movement to lead the nation in organizing, conditions of employment, improvements in care, affordability and access; reinforce 4 pts of strategy, including Total Health; link National Agreement to larger strategy, ie, SEIU agreement with CA Hospital Association, executive order on chronic health conditions and remedies from Jerry Brown, etc…
9:30 – 10:45 am
2012 National Agreement
All co-leads, but report out from Lisa Dupell, Total Health; Sandy Wohler, Workforce Development; Walter Allen, Partnership; Ken Deitz, Benefits; Meg Niemi, Growth
All co-leads (10) sit on stage, share table mics; one co-lead reports from podium; John August emcees and Mike Hurley facilitates; consensus endorsement is outcome of discussion; Mary Joyce scheduled for this segment
10:45 – 11:15 am

Lots of healthy snack food because lunch will not be served
11:15 – 12:15 pm
Table top exercises
John August and Mike Hurley
What does the National Agreement mean for me, our local unions and the labor movement? Discussion at 40 minutes; report out from selected tables at 20 minutes
12:15-12:30 pm
Next steps and adjourn
John August
“We had a great victory and it only gets harder”