Thursday, May 17, 2012

SEIU Members File Charges against Mary Kay Henry and Dave Regan

Wow! Remember SEIU-UHW’s illegal contract-ratification vote for 3,000 workers at the Daughters of Charity Health System in California? That’s the one where SEIU-UHW officials gave workers only 9 hours' advance notice before starting a ratification vote at 6:00am on a Sunday morning! 

At the voting sites, SEIU-UHW staffers refused to give workers copies of SEIU-UHW’s tentative agreements, which were packed full of devastating cuts like the elimination of workers’ pension plan, cuts to their health insurance, etc.

Well… here’s the latest development.  

Dave Regan and Mary Kay Henry refused to stop the illegal votes. In fact, they never even responded to the letters sent by nearly 100 SEIU-UHW members. So this week, the workers slapped Regan and Henry with formal "disciplinary charges" for violating their rights under SEIU’s constitution! 

And get this:  Workers also charged Regan with “financial malpractice” for wasting $5.5 million of members’ dues money on two statewide ballot initiatives. Way to go, Daughters workers!

Check out an article in yesterday’s “Daily Labor Report” entitled "UHW Members File Internal Charges over Ratification of Daughters of Charity Contract." Below, Tasty has also pasted the actual charges filed against Regan and Henry. Here's an excerpt from the charges about the ballot initiative (p. 5):
When Brother Regan withdrew the two ballot measures in early May, he claimed that he had taken this action due to an agreement that he had negotiated and signed, on behalf of SEIU-UHW's members, with the California Hospital Association. Brother Regan claimed that the agreement, which he described as "unprecedented" and "visionary," required SEIU-UHW to withdraw its ballot initiatives in exchange for unspecified commitments from the California Hospital Association. However, Brother Regan has failed to release a copy of this agreement to SEIU-UHW's members so they can review the commitments that he purportedly secured on their behalf. Clearly, this agreement -- which was reportedly secured through the expenditure of $5.5 million of SEIU-UHW's resources and was negotiated by its President -- should be provided to the union's members. Brother Regan's failure to release the agreement supports the conclusion that he has mismanaged millions of dollars of SEIU-UHW's resources and is simply employing the reported agreement as a face-saving device to conceal his mismanagement of union members' resources.
Here's the article from BNA's "Daily Labor Report:"

BNA: SEIU-UHW Members File Charges against SEIU's Dave Regan and Mary Kay Henry 5-16-12

And here are the workers' charges against Dave Regan and Mary Kay Henry:

 Disciplinary Charges against SEIU's Dave Regan and Mary Kay Henry for Illegal Ratification Vote and Financi...