Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Boss Loves SEIU-UHW’s 21st-Century Contract

It turns out that SEIU-UHW’s sell-out contract with the Daughters of Charity Health System is getting rave reviews… from the Boss!

Just hours after Dave Regan rammed SEIU’s contract down workers’ throats through an unconstitutional ratification vote, the billion-dollar company’s chief negotiator issued a press release where she gushed about how the company’s new contract with SEIU “moves employees to more modern, streamlined pension and medical benefit plans.” The negotiator goes on to say: “I commend SEIU-UHW for joining DCHS in this important step forward.

“More modern, streamlined benefits?” That’s one way to put it. Actually, Regan’s new contract freezes workers’ defined-pension pension plan, forces them into a 401(k) plan, and compels employees to pay as much as $900 a month for health insurance for their families.

Not so "modern," right? Although John August would say it’s positively “21st Century.” Looks like Dave Regan, John August and the Bosses are singing from the same sheet of music!