Friday, December 18, 2009

Alameda Hospital WAGE CUTS

Remember in April that SEIU bragged that they had bargained a great contract for the workers at Alameda Hospital?

And remember when the hospital's administrator (Kerry Easthope) bragged in the San Jose Mercury News: "It also requires employees to pay health care contributions for their spouses and children, which Easthope said is a groundbreaking concession for a hospital to gain in the Bay Area?"

Well it turns out that the boss is going to have more to brag about! The employer is asking the union to take a 5% wage cut because the hospital lost a contract with Kaiser.

Today's article in the Oakland tribune stated:

"A spokeswoman for SEIU-United Healthcare Workers, which recently secured an 18 percent wage hike (over three years) for the 180 hospital employees they represent in exchange for concessions on health benefits, said her members are willing to talk to management.

Doesn't look good for those members who are now contributing to healthcare, losing their raises and facing a dues increase.

And here Tasty thought that SEIU had the inside track with Kaiser! Were they too busy union busting at SRMH to protect the Kaiser contract with Alameda Hospital?