Thursday, December 17, 2009

Election Updates

Just to keep you up to date, there is an election today and tomorrow at SRMH in Santa Rosa, and there is the upcoming de-certification vote beginning in early January for Kaiser Professionals in Southern California.

Remember, SRMH is a new unit, not a decert. So the boss and SEIU's anti-union messaging could confuse and intimidate workers into voting NO UNION. This would mean SEIU would have effectively screwed workers who have been working to organize here for 6 years. SEIU could have had an organizing agreement with SRMH pre-Trusteeship and refused it, so that the former UHW (current NUHW) leaders would not get credit for a victory.

It's outrageous. SEIU would much rather keep workers out of a union, than lose to NUHW. It's about SEIU, not about healthcare workers. There is no question.

Check out the current news articles, listen to the KPFA clip to hear from SRMH workers talk about the boss and SEIU's actions:

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Labor Notes, "Finally, NUHW Squares Off Against SEIU in Two Hospital Elections," 12-16-09

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