Sunday, December 6, 2009

Trading Pink Sheets for Pink Slips: Worker's United Staff

SternBurger is hearing reports of massive layoffs at SEIU's Workers United. According to sources, SEIU officials are sending pink slips to about 40% of Workers United's staff because of SEIU's deepening financial problems. Meanwhile, other unions across the US are reporting that they're getting a flurry of job applications from the laid-off staffers.

Readers might recall that, earlier this year, Andy Stern laid off scores of SEIU staff amid reports of a serious financial shortfalls that caused SEIU to run to the bank for $25 million in new loans.

Sounds like SEIU's wars are beginning to bleed the union dry. SternBurger wonders when Andy will share the pain by taking a cut in his $275,000-a-year paycheck funded by SEIU members. When will Dave Regan take a cut in his quarter-million dollar salary?

In all fairness, it seems like SEIU's top officials, who have led SEIU's members into a series of disastrous and costly wars, should be the first ones to go out the door...