Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thank you, Scott Silber, Thank you for this.

Gosh! Don't you just love it when Zombie UHW's staff is wacky? Tasty sure does.

Let's think back on just a few of our old faves:

Alex Espinoza
Rebecca Mahlberg
The Tyrone and Monica Show
Michelle Ringuette
Miles Granderson
Lisa Gude
Hal Ruddick
Mary Kay Henry

Now let's meet a new one. Scott Silber. We learned about him yesterday, when he was busy patrolling Kaiser's halls for 'unfair labor practices."

Tasty got a TON of emails about Scott. Here are some fun facts!

  • Scott Silber was an activist in college and has an FBI file! Tasty hopes the the FBI will take note that Scott is now on the side of law and order and hall monitoring.
  • Scott has an extensive online resume and bio--favorite fact: "Today, Scott Silber performs in the “organic theater” group “The Romero Troupe” and studies the therapeutic role of storytelling and ancient indigenous spiritual wisdom & music." Kumbaya!
  • Scott sees an organizers role as a self-healer. "Silber argues that this is a function of many movement’s organizers’ and activists’ tendency to work towards the healing of others before focusing on their own healing needs, inviting an eventual “recipe for disaster that damages those enrolled in their movements and in their own lives with the power of so much unhealed hurt inside these movement's own organizers.”" Yes, that's why we pay dues. Exactly.
  • Scott used to work on justice issues with many progressive groups, including our brothers and sisters at HERE in Texas. Yes, the same union that SEIU is currently trying to raid. Scott--when did you lose your way, brother?
Tasty urges all Zombie UHW staff to put up on-line bios that are this entertaining.