Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Zombie UHW's Hall Monitor reports for duty at Kaiser West LA.

Word has it that at West LA Kaiser yesterday a group of professionals were holding a meeting to discuss NUHW's upcoming election. Management came to the meeting and advised the workers that is was fine to hold the meeting, but no one from the "outside"---non employees could attend. As long as members were talking to members, they could go ahead.

Oakland based, UHW newbie Scott Silber (?) was there as the new UHW rep campaigning for the Zombie Team. After management left, the workers told Scott that he needed to leave and that they just wanted to meet on their own to discuss the issues.

Since SEIU staff have never considered that workers might be able to make their own choices, without the guidance of an SEIU staff member, Scott refused to leave. Finally, after more than five minutes of professional members telling him that he needed to leave and to stop taking up their time, he came up with the reason he needed to stay.

"I may have a legal obligation to be here because there may be possible unfair labor practices committed."

What? Members having an honest conversation with each other about their choices could constitute an "unfair labor practice?" Maybe Scott should learn a little more about unions and the law.

He told the workers finally that he would, leave, but MIGHT come back. Scotty, then stood outside for a while patrolling for "possible unfair labor violators."

The pros report a great meeting, full of good conversation and free of unfair labor practices.

Can anyone confirm that Scott Silber is indeed from SEIU 105 in Colorado?