Sunday, December 13, 2009


A right-wing website has posted an internal SEIU language "tip-sheet" with suggestions about how to discuss EFCA. No huge revelations here, although it once again underscores the huge contradictions of SEIU's support for "free choice" even as SEIU blocks NLRB elections for tens of thousands of workers, bullies and intimidates homecare workers in Fresno, and refuses to negotiate fair election ground rules in Santa Rosa.

Tasty thinks some "tips" SEIU officials should have are the following:

  • Do not threaten immigrant members of SEIU with deportation if they fail to vote for SEIU in a government-supervised union election.

  • Do not instruct staff to take voters' secret-ballots from their mailboxes and mark them for SEIU against voters' clear wishes.

  • Do not use violent language towards workers who are simply exercising their right to a democratic vote in government-supervised union elections. For example, do not say: "We need to drive a stake through their hearts," "We need to give them an ass-whipping they will never forget," or "We need to bury them in the ground."

  • Do not use the same election-delay tactics employed by corporations, such as filing bogus charges that block workers from participating in union elections for nearly a year. If the public learns that one of the nation's largest unions is carrying out the exact same "boss" tactics that labor unions have criticized for decades, this will undermine the public's support for EFCA.

Send in any "tips" you have for