Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Action Moves into the Nursing Homes of Nor Cal

As elections approach in dozens of nursing homes across Northern California, SEIU is stepping up its efforts to bully and intimidate workers... and workers are fighting back. Check out this inspirational story from a Tipster:

Several days ago, an SEIU rep aggressively approached a worker at a nursing home about signatures she had collected in support of NUHW. In just two days, the worker had gathered signatures from more than 80% of her facility's workers, causing SEIU's hand-picked steward/informer to call the SEIU rep to snitch on her.

As the SEIU rep aggressively confronts her, the NUHW supporter tells her that she has the right under federal labor law to choose whichever union she wants to and can collect as many signatures as she likes.

The SEIU rep says she will have her disciplined or even fired unless she stops talking about, promoting, or supporting NUHW. The NUHW supporter doesn't back down an inch.

So the SEIU rep hauls her to the boss's office and does her best to continue intimidating her there. The worker stands her ground, and begins to lecture this idiot SEIU rep about her fiduciary obligations to serve the interests of the workers and to HER specifically. And the worker reminds the SEIU rep that her monthly union dues are paying her salary.

The SEIU rep, lacking any thoughtful response to these arguments, simply threatens to have her fired if she continues her support for NUHW.

The worker turns to the administrator, who has been observing this entire exchange, and asks her if SEIU could indeed have her fired. The administrator replies, "No!" The administrator then praises her work in front of the idiot SEIU rep, who is now has completely deflated and feeling vulnerable after committing multiple violations of federal labor law.

(Tasty hopes that the SEIU rep will soon get her own hearing before an NLRB judge like her Zombie co-workers Dana Hohn, Rahul Varshney, Sam Ogren etc...)

The worker then asks the administrator if she can return to work because her patients need her. The administrator agrees and the meeting is over.

When the worker shares this experience with her co-workers, they're outraged and are now in overdrive to vote out SEIU and bring in NUHW.

Si Se Puede!!!