Thursday, February 4, 2010

Who's Next?

Check out the website of a new union called Marin Association of Public Employees (aka MAPE.)

Turns out Marin public sector SEIU 1021 members are sick of paying almost $1 million to the purple machine and never seeing their work site organizer Robin Barber!

Below is the text of an email that former 1021 leaders sent out:

Welcome to the New MAPE

A quick update (2/3/10):
The Decert petitions were turned in last Friday along with seven statements seeking representation. Although only 30% was needed, our bargaining units were in the 45 to 65% range. (More exact figures will be available in a few days.) SEIU1021 was notified this week about MAPE's action. They also learned about the Deputy Sheriffs Assn request to represent several job classes in BU04 (Technical). Early next week the neutral third-party (State Mediation) will verify the signatures on the petitions.
Then all parties will meet to discuss how to proceed.
We will keep you informed.


Why would we believe that SEIU
can provide the best representation?
January 25, 2010

Once again, Robin Barber, our Worksite Organizer, is curiously missing in action. (Her phone & email are blocked.) Is SEIU1021 denying us representation again? Whatever the reason, we do not have an experienced, knowledgeable & committed Worksite Organizer assigned to deliver the services that SEIU has a legal obligation to provide to us.

Here is what some of your co-workers are saying:

"I need someone who can advise me about my grievance." Mary Beth Pascale, Clerical BU01

"We've lost our experienced negotiator. Now we're more dependent than ever on our MAPE leadership who have been at the table before." Todd Pressley, Trades BU02

"No one from SEIU came to our Steward's Council meeting." Jan Zaslav, Nurses BU13

"I'm tired of going to Labor/Management Committee meetings and not having SEIU staff present" George Pegelow, Public Services, BU03

"I'm told to call an 800 number in Pasadena. What do they know about my situation in Marin?" Patty Campbell, HHS BU10

Member Driven, Member Run, New MAPE

Did you know that 95% of the SEIU1021 leadership who work for the County (including stewards, negotiating team members & chapter officers) support MAPE? Did you know that SEIU is stripping the leadership of their authority to represent our members? Without experienced leaders to stand up for the members, how does SEIU expect to provide adequate representation?

Has someone from SEIU told you that if you switch to MAPE you will no longer be protected by a contract?

Checkout MAPE’s responses to what
SEIU organizers are saying
by going to the Myths page.

If you need more information, just enter your questions on the "Contact Us" page. You'll receive an answer within 24 hours.

Green is the new Purple