Thursday, February 25, 2010

Math is Hard!

SEIU recently did a bunch of press outreach to publicize this "Open Letter" demanding that NUHW "immediately withdraw your decertification petitions" at 51 nursing homes across Northern California. According to SEIU's leaflet, the open letter was signed by a WHOPPING 57 workers. No, you read that right, they gathered signatures at 51 places and came up with 57 whole signatures. God only knows how many Zombies it took them to even get that number.

Except, they didn't! SEIU actually duplicated five of the signatures in a lame effort to inflate the numbers. Take a look at the signatures circled in red on the leaflet. Oh Snap, you can't count, SEIU.

The letter says: "You know full well that there is very little support for NUHW in our facilities." Now, Tasty is no mathematician but, there is nothing about 52 signatures from 51 facilities that says that workers don't want NUHW.

Tasty does know one way to arrive at an accurate assessment of NUHW's support: voting! Or does SEIU know "full well" that letting workers vote would put their hold on the members in jeopardy?