Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rahul rhymes with "fool" for a reason.

Lest you think that Rahul Varshney is just some asshole who works to get union members fired for supporting NUHW, Tasty wants to share with you the softer side of Rahul.

Rahul is super into meditating, Al Anon, himself, helping "poor" workers, SEIU, his son, techno music, EFCA and web cams. How does Tasty know all of this? Because Rahul has made FORTY THREE long and nonsensical videos of himself for your enjoyment and enlightenment.

Because Rahul, who quit SEIU and is back in Texas (until April 12th when he will have to return to LA to answer for his anti-union and anti-worker actions) just thinks he is so insightful that you would want to watch video after video of his blather. Stuff like: "Unions are like yoga bringing mind and body into a harmonic equilibrium." or "Unions are like alcohol in a liquor store."

Want a lecture about how the union is like alcohol and yoga, and then want to watch Rahul do the Robot for the Employee Free Choice Act? Click here!
Want to watch Rahul talk about quitting the union he still loves to focus on himself? Click here!
Want to watch Rahul read to you and then sit silently for 11 minutes? Click here!

PS Rahul, its called SELF help. Keep it to YOURSELF!

UPDATE: there is a blog.