Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What does it mean when another SEIU boss is placed on leave?

...sounds like someone did something naughty!

Tasty hears the Gilda Valdez , Chief of Staff at SEIU 1021, has been placed on leave while her use of union funds is being investigated!

You may remember Gilda as a member of 1021's "Salsa Team" that tried to guarantee that only delegates loyal to 1021's President Damita Davis-Howard would be elected to delegate positions at the SEIU 2008 convention in Puerto Rico.

Word is that 1021 and SEIU are keeping this under wraps while they figure out how extensive the misconduct is and how best to keep it from turning into yet another financial scandal.

Tasty wonders if Andy Stern and Anna Burger ever wonder why the staff they promote to do their dirty work are also untrustworthy with SEIU members' dues and rights? Annelle Grajeda (721), Tyrone Freeman (6434), Rickman Jackson (6434/Michigan), Sharon-Frances Moore (221), Jane McAlevey (1107), Byron Hobbs (880), Alejandro Stephens (1021)...who is next?