Sunday, February 21, 2010

This Seat is Taken. By My Purse.

SEIU has sent Zombies into dozens of nursing homes across Northern California to try to collect signatures on a "We support SEIU" petition in advance of NLRB elections that everyone expects will come sometime soon.

At a bay area nursing home, a particularly bright Zombie parked herself in the break room for days in an effort to beg, bully and pester workers for their signatures. The problem is, the SEIU organizer is occupying one of the very few chairs in the small break room where the facility's workers come when they get a breather from the busy floors.

The other day, when Certified Nursing Assistants came into the break room to eat during their 30-minute lunch break, the SEIU organizer was taking up two chairs with herself and her bag and petitions. As a result, some of the CNAs were having to stand up while they ate their lunch. One member asked the rude SEIU organizer to give up her chairs so her co-workers could sit down while they ate.

This did not sit well with the Zombie! The next day, the SEIU organizer took the worker -- along with SEIU's new handpicked shop steward -- to the administrator's office and tried to have her disciplined for "intimidation." Other workers rallied to the worker's defense, and the administrator didn't take any action.

THESE are the geniuses SEIU is bringing in to convince workers to stay in SEIU? Staff so lazy and dim that they only know how to sit in the breakroom and ask the boss for help?

Tasty would not want these smarties bargaining his contract!