Sunday, September 18, 2011

Crookin' in Michigan -- Round 3

Just nine weeks after the NLRB found SEIU guilty of threatening Kaiser workers during last year’s giant NLRB election, SEIU is doing it again -- this time in Michigan. Here’s what’s going on.

On Friday September 23, workers at Luther Manor Nursing Home will be voting on whether to dump SEIU and join NUHW. Workers requested the NLRB election back in March, but SEIU has been using bogus “blocking” charges to stall the election since then. As the election gets closer, SEIU organizers have been threatening workers that they’ll lose all their benefits and scheduled pay increases if they vote for NUHW. (Sound familiar, Kaiser workers?).

Readers might remember that in early September, SEIU used every dirty trick in the book to ram through a new contract despite workers’ strong opposition. Why was SEIU so desperate to ram through its contract? Because SEIU’s new contract just happens to schedule workers’ next pay increase for right after the NLRB election. This sets the stage so SEIU can threaten workers that they’ll lose next month’s scheduled pay raise if they vote for NUHW.

Of course, SEIU’s threats are total lies. Not only did the NLRB find SEIU guilty of illegally threatening Kaiser workers, but a federal judge found SEIU’s corporate bunkmate, Kaiser CEO George Halvorson, guilty of illegally withholding more than $1 million of scheduled pay increases and benefits from the Southern California workers who’d earlier voted to dump SEIU and join NUHW.

So, Mr. NLRB Man, Tasty humbly requests that you do something about repeat offenders like SEIU. Come on… can’t you do something? Here’s an idea: What about locking the SEIU officials in a room and forcing them to read Andy Stern’s crappy-ass book over and over again? Or what about forcing Stan Lyles to play his video about SEIU’s backroom deals during SEIU-UHW’s upcoming Leadership Conference in Fresno?

PS. Remember this post about SEIU stuffing the ballot box so they could steal the 2nd ratification vote at Luther Manor? Well, it turns out SEIU’s vote fraud was even worse than Tasty first reported. Right after the fraudulent SEIU vote, the NLRB published a list of all the SEIU members employed at the nursing home as part of the NLRB's routine preparations for the upcoming decertification election.

Guess what? There were only 79 SEIU members at the facility -- not 84, like SEIU said. That means that SEIU stuffed the ballot box with almost more votes (77) than the number of actual workers (79). If you wanna believe SEIU’s vote totals, then a whopping 98% of the nursing home’s workers turned out to vote during a two-hour period in the middle of the day… even though all of the night shift workers were still asleep in their beds.

Hey, Marge, don’t you think you cut your ballot-stuffing scheme a little too close for comfort? You might wanna study the numbers a bit more carefully before your next attempt at stealing the vote!