Friday, September 23, 2011

Michigan Workers Vote NUHW!

This just in. The NLRB finished counting the ballots from today’s election at Luther Manor Nursing Home and… workers voted by more than a two-to-one margin to leave SEIU and join NUHW! The final tally was 47 (NUHW), 22 (SEIU), 1 (No Union) and 4 challenged ballots.

Sounds like it’s been quite a week for Luther Manor workers. Last weekend, SEIU tried to lure workers to a barbeque where SEIU promised to raffle off a flat-screen TV. Then, SEIU deployed 15 organizers who knocked on workers’ doors and pushed a fear campaign to try to convince them to stay in SEIU. This morning, when workers arrived at work, they found 8 purple-shirted SEIU organizers standing on the corner near the nursing home trying to offer workers free coffee and donuts.

In the end, all of SEIU’s tricks, bribes and threats weren’t enough to overcome workers who stood strong through repeated rounds of SEIU’s hookin’ & crookin’ … from backroom deals with the boss … to ballot-box stuffing … to SEIU’s forced re-votes of already-rejected contract deals.

The workers are NUHW’s first members in Michigan.  Although not for long. Workers at CHP’s Hackley Hospital are waiting for the NLRB to cut through SEIU’s stalling tactics so they can have their vote. Congrats, Luther Manor workers!!