Thursday, September 1, 2011

“We liquidated your $4.1 million strike fund. Now give us more money!”

Well, to add insult to injury, SEIU President Mary Kay Henry recently sent an email to SEIU-UHW members about strike funds. No, my friends… Mary Kay didn’t announce an investigation into the missing $4.1 million. Instead, she asked SEIU-UHW members to “please consider contributing $5, $10, $25 or more” to a strike fund for Hershey workers.

Well, ever since Mary Kay sent her fundraising appeal, Tasty’s inbox has been getting lots of outraged emails from workers. To be clear, workers say they’d love to support the striking Hershey workers. But isn’t that what their $4.1 million strike fund is (whoops!) was supposed to be for?

After all, SEIU-UHW’s members contributed lots of their hard-earned wages to build up their strike fund over many years. Then, Trustee Dave Regan parachuted in from Washington, DC and liquidated the $4.1 million fund.

You can kinda see why workers might be a bit pissed off that Mary Kay Henry is now hitting them up for more money for strike funds.

So what’s to be done? Besides ordering Dangerous Dave Regan to give back workers’ $4.1 million strike fund, Tasty has a humble suggestion:  Why don’t Mary Kay Henry and Dave Regan kick down a few pennies from their fat SEIU paychecks to help the Hershey workers?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, these two SEIU fatcats earn more than a quarter-million dollars a year each... courtesy of SEIU’s members. To be precise, Mary Kay pulled down $253,660 in 2010. And Dave Regan pocketed $298,647. That’s a lot of f*cking money.   

So, Dave and Mary Kay, time to cough up some of your quarter-million-dollar salaries for the Hershey workers…    We’re waiting...