Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stan Lyles... Back on the Silver Screen!

Remember this older post about Stan Lyles, the guy who Dave Regan chose to be the second highest officer at SEIU-UHW? Tasty's post featured a link to a highly revealing video of Stan at a TDU Convention where he slammed SEIU for cutting backroom deals with bosses and snuffing out the voices of workers.

Stan made the speech just three months before SEIU's trusteeship when he was an unpaid member of UHW's Executive Board. After the trusteeship, things quickly changed. SEIU offered Stan lots of money to jump over to their side, and Stan, who's not well-known for his integrity, quickly forgot all his criticisms of SEIU and threw his support behind SEIU's trustees. That's how Stan landed a big office and fat paycheck from SEIU.

So... you can probably imagine that the Purple Palace was not too pleased when Tasty posted a link to Stan's tell-all video. SEIU officials sprang into action and launched a search-and-destroy mission to eliminate every embarrassing copy of Stan's speech. When the video finally disappeared from AOL and Tasty's blog, the Purple Palace breathed a collective sigh of relief. 

But lucky for us, one copy of Stan's video was carefully hidden from SEIU's Storm Troopers... and Tasty is now resurrecting it so the world can once again see what Stan said when his integrity was not so challenged by dollar signs dancing in his head.

Tasty especially urges Kaiser workers to watch the video. Why? Stan is currently doing a tour of Kaiser facilities to try to build support for SEIU in the rerun NLRB election. So when Stan shows up at your facility, ask him about the video! Ask him about SEIU's backroom deals... including SEIU's secret deal with Tenet to subcontract 10% of UHW members' jobs... Ask him about SEIU's top-down, undemocratic decision making system. And watch closely as Stan starts stuttering and stumbling... Here's the video: