Monday, September 5, 2011

Crookin’ in Michigan-- Round Two

On Friday -– just three days before Labor Day –- SEIU offered an odd tribute to America’s workers when SEIU's members at Luther Manor Nursing Home were forced to re-vote a sell-out contract deal that they’d already rejected a week earlier.

So why did SEIU decide to shred workers’ first vote? According to SEIU officials, workers simply hadn’t understood the ballot. Hmmm… Too confusing? ... a “yes” or “no” vote on their own pay and working conditions? Guess it had nothing to do with SEIU being upset that workers rejected SEIU's concessionary contract.

So on Friday, SEIU dug deeper into its bag of dirty tricks to ram through the contract. SEIU dispatched two of SEIU Healthcare Michigan’s top officers -- Secretary Treasurer Johnnie Jolliffi and Recording Secretary Sheila Guinn –- to run the re-vote by the nursing home’s 84 workers.

Like in San Diego, SEIU pressured workers inside the polling place to accept the deal. In fact, Tasty hears that Secretary Treasurer Johnnie Jolliffi, who got paid $140,000 from members' dues money last year, resorted to yelling at Luther Manor's workers when they challenged the misinformation she was feeding them.

But that’s not all… Workers report that SEIU resorted to old-fashioned ballot stuffing. Jolliffi and Guinn reportedly allowed SEIU supporters to mark extra ballots for “their friends who couldn’t make it.” And they apparently let other people vote, even though they weren’t even in the bargaining unit.

The results? Let's take a look at the numbers. During workers' first vote (that’s the one that SEIU later shredded), workers rejected the contract by a margin of 36 (No) to 26 (Yes). In the re-vote, the same 36 workers voted “No,” but SEIU miraculously produced 15 more votes for its side so it could “win” by a tally of 36 (No) to 41 (Yes). 

Quite a feat… a 92% turnout of the nursing home’s 84 workers… in just a two-hour period… even though many graveyard workers were still sleeping.  

Tasty wonders if SEIU President Mary Kay Henry happened to share SEIU’s profound commitment to ballot-rigging and vote-stealing when she joined Obama today for a Labor Day event in Detroit. Somehow, Tasty thinks that topic probably didn’t make it into her purple talking points.