Wednesday, September 14, 2011

SEIU Staffer Does Face Plant

Looks like SEIU’s trusteeship staffers have gotten so used to loyalty oaths and witch hunts that they’re now trying to export them to outside organizations. Check out this story from a reader:

Martha Kuhl is a longtime leader of the California Nurses Association at Children’s Hospital of Oakland, where she’s been an oncology nurse for 29 years. According to a reader, Martha “had the temerity to sign a letter of support for NUHW.” It’s not too hard to imagine why Martha mighta signed the letter. After all, since SEIU’s trusteeship, Regan & Co. has allowed Children’s Hospital to cut SEIU members’ health benefits… which the hospital is now trying to force down the RNs’ throats.

And SEIU refused to support two separate strikes by the RNs to fight off SEIU's cuts. And, of course, there’s SEIU’s chronic democracy deficit… including Regan's outrageous efforts to block SEIU members’ election for 2 ½ years.

Even so… Dave Regan was apparently super pissed that Martha signed the letter, so he assigned SEIU’s top political operative, Doug Jones, to try to get the Alameda County Central Labor Council to launch an "ethics trial" against Kuhl, who just happens to be the Labor Council’s Vice President. What was Martha’s heinous ethics violation? She, along with other RNs at her hospital, signed a letter of support for NUHW!

Well, as you can imagine, Dave’s move went down like a fart in a spacesuit. In fact, Tasty can almost picture the scene: “All those in favor of launching an ethics trial against Vice President Martha Kuhl, please say ‘Aye’…”

After picking himself up off the floor, Doug Jones launched SEIU’s next genius idea: trying to get the Labor Council to sign a letter of support for SEIU-UHW. The only problem was that Doug, who employed Dave Regan's skills of finesse and subtle persuasion, kinda messed up on executing the plan. First, Doug personally attacked Martha Kuhl when she wasn't even present (which didn't impress others on the Labor Council, who kinda like Martha). And next, he threatened several times that SEIU-UHW would quit the Labor Council (again) if SEIU didn't get their way. No dice, said the Labor Council.

After Doug scraped himself up off the floor (again), the Labor Council sent poor Dougie back to SEIU’s offices with his tail between his legs. Tasty hears he was quickly enrolled in Triana Silton’s latest class on “How to Conduct Effective Witch Hunts against Workers Inside and Outside Your Union (Part 2).” Hopefully, this will restore some of Dougie’s fading confidence. Tasty can’t wait for his next move!