Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Michigan Workers Reject Another SEIU Contract Deal; Marge Launches New Vote-Rigging Scheme

Today, technical workers at MHP’s Hackley Hospital voted down a contract settlement that Marge “Cadillac” Faville, the president of SEIU Healthcare Michigan, had secretly negotiated with management.

And get this… workers won despite some serious hookin’ and crookin’ by SEIU. Tasty hears that SEIU staffers denied about 20 workers the right to cast ballots in the ratification vote. And then, at the end of the vote, SEIU banned workers who opposed the sell-out deal from simply watching the vote count.

Today’s vote comes just days after workers rejected a similar contract deal at Luther Manor Nursing Home in Saginaw.

So what’s Marge gonna do now? Well, it looks like she’s steppin’ up her game from “Hookin’ & Crookin’” to outright “Vote Rigging & Fraud.” Here’s what’s going on:

In most unions, when workers reject a contract settlement, the union’s bargaining committee goes back to the negotiating table to push for a better deal with the boss. But not Marge...

At Luther Manor, Marge just announced a re-vote on the same exact contract that workers rejected last week. But this time, Marge is rigging the rules. She’s moved the site of the voting from the nursing home to an offsite location that’s 10 minutes away by car. And Marge is only gonna let workers vote during a two-hour block of time during the middle of the day shift. Here’s the leaflet announcing the re-vote:

Do you think SEIU President Mary Kay Henry is upset that SEIU members' rights are getting crushed under Marge's thick heel?  Think again, my friends. History shows that Mary Kay is no fan of democracy. After all, she was personally involved in this episode… and this one too. In fact, it sounds like Marge has simply taken a page from Mary Kay’s playbook of dirty tricks.