Sunday, August 7, 2011

‘Two Primo Scheming Backstabbers’

Occasionally, Tasty’s painstakingly prepared posts happen to miss some important details. Fortunately, Tasty’s attentive readers quickly come to the rescue.

So... after Tasty posted news about the SEIU-UHW organizer who filed NLRB charges against Dave Regan & Co, readers forwarded a bunch more particulars about SEIU-UHW’s Director Myriam Escamilla and Chief of Staff Greg Pullman. Here’s what one reader wrote:

“Myriam's reputation for abusing staff -- including public humiliation -- is well-deserved. Myriam and Greg are obviously partners in crime and have been for a long while, although they've also had some serious fallings-out, as you would expect from two primo scheming backstabbers.”

Another reader said:

“When Greg Pullman was the staff director at SEIU 715, he was a Machiavellian staff manipulator. Myriam was a very poor performing director (home care) who drove the organizers who worked for her crazy. Sound familiar? I feel for any well meaning staff working for them at UHW.”

And what’s up with the marriage between Myriam and Greg?

Readers report it was as all fake -- kinda like Myriam’s designer outfits and flashy handbags. Greg, who’s openly gay, reportedly married Myriam so she could get a green card.

Hmm... two "primo scheming backstabbers" with a passion for Machiavellian manipulation of staff as well as publicly humiliating and abusing staff members. Sounds like the perfect couple to run your union, right?