Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mary Kay Tries to Stop Staff Exodus at SEIU-UHW

Tasty hears that even more union staffers are following the 14 SEIU-UHW staffers who recently jumped ship. Apparently, SEIU officials are so worried that SEIU President Mary Kay Henry prohibited other SEIU local unions from hiring SEIU-UHW staffers until the Kaiser re-run election is finished.

Meanwhile, even though the Kaiser election hasn’t even been scheduled yet, Tasty hears that Dave Regan has cancelled all the vacations of SEIU-UHW staff until the election is done. Also, SEIU is reportedly flying in staffers from other states – along with temporary workers hired through TruCorps – so it can flood Kaiser hospitals and clinics with purple-clad staffers.

So... Kaiser workers, if you hear a knock on your front door or see some purple-shirted stranger walking through the Med Surg Unit with your supervisor, it’s probably a random guy that SEIU hired off the street or flew in from Oregon, Ohio, Alabama, etc.

Tasty hears that Kaiser workers are none too pleased about the sudden infusion of out-of-state strangers into their hospitals and clinics. After last year’s election was finished, SEIU pretty much packed up all its pizzas and staff and simply abandoned Kaiser workers… refusing to return workers’ telephone calls, help them with grievances, enforce the union’s labor contract with Kaiser, etc.

Of course, SEIU officials were showing up once in awhile to make secret deals with Kaiser officials --like the ones to slash EVS jobs, shut down Kaiser’s Stockton Call Center, rebid the Pharmacy Techs’ jobs, subcontract the management of the EVS Departments, etc.

Guess Kaiser workers know what you’ll get if you vote for SEIU!