Monday, August 15, 2011

SEIU Deploys “Flirt to Convert” In California Hospital

This is a big week for 450 workers at Children’s Hospital in Oakland. They’ll finally get a chance to vote in an NLRB election that workers requested in February of 2009 -- right after SEIU imposed its disastrous trusteeship on California’s healthcare workers. SEIU officials have been blocking the election at Children’s Hospital for more than 2 ½ years. (More on this later.)

As election day approaches, Tasty hears SEIU is looking nervous. They’ve turned up the volume on their scare tactics and disinformation campaign and are barraging workers with mailers, leaflets and phone calls. And SEU has stationed as many as 15 organizers inside the hospital while other organizers are assigned to a giant purple RV parked in front of the facility. The purple RV functions like a kind of giant honey trap… with SEIU staffers trying to lure workers inside the RV by offering free BBQ ribs, pizza, etc.

Last week, SEIU’s nervousness hit a new level. One observer sent this report: “SEIU is getting desperate… they’re dressing slutty.” Apparently, the BBQ ribs weren’t enough, so SEIU is trying to entice workers with a different kind of flesh. Female SEIU organizers are wearing mini-skirts, high heels and low-cut tops into the hospital.

Sadly, this isn’t a new tactic for SEIU. They did the same thing during the election at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital, where SEIU staffer Delaina Contreras paraded around the hospital in provocative clothes and sent flirty text messages to male workers to try to win them over.

So, for all the Children’s Hospital workers out there… Tasty says it’s time to turn SEIU’s “come-hither” into a “Get out!”