Thursday, August 11, 2011

UHW Staffers Are Jumping Ship in Southern California

Tasty hears that at least 14 staffers quit their jobs at SEIU-UHW, including Gilda Valdez, one of the union’s staff directors. Why are they jumping ship? Tasty hears they don’t like Dave Regan or the direction he’s leading the local. The staffers are apparently taking jobs at SEIU Local 721, which represents public-sector workers in Los Angeles.

Who’s heading for the exit signs? So far, Tasty hears it’s Gilda Valdez (Director), Rosanna Mendez (Assistant Director), Lorena Vellanoweth (Coordinator II), Al Chavez (Union Rep), Kevin Monk (Union Rep), Carlos Vellanoweth (Union Rep) and Ledale Curry (Organizer).

Who else? Readers??