Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Michelle Ringuette Takes Her Sharp Tongue Over to the American Federation of Teachers

Teachers in America are fighting against anti-union, anti-worker legislation all over the US that's been pushed in the name of so-called "educational reform." While the wildly anti-union "Waiting for Superman" played in theaters across the country, Governors like Scott Walker were holding public-sector unions hostage. By all accounts the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) President Randi Weingarten has been assembling a team to help teachers fight back. AFT calls itself "A Union of Professionals." So why did it hire such a decidedly un-professional Michelle Ringuette?

Michelle, a former SEIU communications staffer who readers will remember from her many nasty and aggressive comments, has made an impression on Professional Teachers before... like when she called a group of professors 'low value targets who deserved a spot on the SEIU spam list' and then stupidly emailed her self-described "snarky" internal emails out to said professors.

The AFT put out this statement:

"As assistant to the president for strategic initiatives, Ringuette will help coordinate the integration of communication, political, legislative, educational mobilization, organizing and research functions of the AFT."

Seems like a big jump for a member of the communications staff who can't be trusted to cut and paste correctly.

But, Tasty doesn't understand why Michelle would leave SEIU. In 2010 her compensation was $132,388! Is the AFT really paying that much more? Or is Michelle another example of a Stern Kool-aide drinker who got pushed out by the Mary Kay/Scott Courtney regime?

Like this guy.

Or this one.

Or this one.