Tuesday, August 16, 2011

‘Flirt to Convert’ goes ‘Mardi Gras’

It looks like all the mini-skirts and high-heels haven’t given SEIU a big enough boost at Children’s Hospital in Oakland. So today -- the day before workers’ long-awaited NLRB election -- SEIU officials decided to pump up the volume on their ‘Flirt to Convert’ campaign.

This morning, SEIU’s mini-skirted organizers began distributing leaflets to workers announcing that SEIU would be holding a blow-out “Mardi Gras Party” in the giant purple RV parked in front of the children’s hospital… complete with jambalaya, Mardi Gras beads and party favors.

(What about all the critically ill children undergoing treatment inside the hospital? Well… uhhh… they were allowed to gaze out on SEIU’s spectacle from their bedside windows).

So… let’s get this straight... mini-skirted organizers passing out purple Mardi Gras beads?? Does this mean that organizers might actually flash you, Mardi Gras-style, if you toss them some beads… or perhaps throw them your vote?

Dave Regan apparently loves this kinda stuff, but Tasty is not super convinced that the hospital’s largely female workforce is totally into it. Hmmm…

Let's be honest... SEIU’s brazen attempt to buy workers’ vote through a mini-skirted Mardi Gras Party doesn’t show a tremendous amount of respect for workers. But hey… it isn’t far off from SEIU’s other shameless and embarrassingly idiotic tactics.

Like the time they dressed up this organizer in a white bunny suit and had him parade through a San Francisco hospital while handing out candy to workers in advance of another NLRB election. Or the time SEIU dressed up this organizer in a giant purple Barney suit at another Bay Area hospital.

What’s next on SEIU’s list of stupid pet tricks and pitiful vote-pandering stunts? Tasty can hardly imagine… Let’s see… How about this concept for enticing workers to hand over ther votes?? Wanna make your vote REALLY count? Then join Dave Regan and ‘Girls Gone Wild’ in the Pumping Purple Pleasure Mobile!”