Monday, February 25, 2013

After the Axe, Dave Kieffer Clings to SEIU's Dave Regan

Dave Kieffer

As Tasty predicted, Dave Kieffer -- who was recently fired from his job as the Executive Director of the SEIU California State Council -- has re-surfaced alongside Dave Regan.

Earlier this month, Regan granted Kieffer the title of “Director of Governmental Relations” at SEIU-UHW. Which is not to be confused with Rebecca Miller’s title of “Political Director” or Leon Chow’s designation as “Director of External Affairs."

So what do these people actually do... since, uhh, their jobs kinda sound like the exact same thing, right? Well, it’s all part of Regan’s scheme to hand out fat paychecks and big titles in order to purchase the loyalty of staffers.

Here's an excerpt from a page on SEIU-UHW's website identifying Kieffer's new position:

With the addition of Kieffer, SEIU-UHW now has the distinction of employing the largest collection of Purple Palace officials who are directly implicated in Tyrone Freeman’s multi-million-dollar crime spree, which last month resulted in 14 criminal convictions by a federal jury.

Kieffer and SEIU-UHW’s Steve Trossman famously engineered a cover-up that hid Freeman’s crimes from SEIU members and law enforcement for seven long years, according to the Los Angeles Times and sworn testimony by Jim Philliou.

And in 2008, Dave Regan was reportedly a key player in a scheme by which SEIU officials steered large monetary kickbacks to Tyrone Freeman even as Freeman intensified his theft of money from low-wage healthcare workers.

These ethically compromised officials -- who now pocket hundreds of thousands of dollars in salaries from their perch atop SEIU-UHW -- speak volumes about the sick values that now govern the union.