Sunday, February 24, 2013

Internal SEIU Document Offers More Proof that Dave Regan is Kaiser’s Bitch

A leaked document indicates that Dave Regan is planning to declare “majority support” for SEIU-UHW in April's Kaiser election even though Regan and Kaiser know it isn’t true.

If anyone needed more proof that Regan is willing to lie and cheat in the face of dwindling support, here it is.

The explosive document, apparently leaked by a disgruntled Regan ally, contains SEIU’s campaign plan for the upcoming NLRB election at Kaiser Permanente. The plan -- which was prepared in December of 2012 -- lays out a week-by-week calendar that details SEIU’s staff deployments, leaflets, mailers, field activity, etc for the period from January 2 through March 24.

The document shows that back in December of 2012 -- before the NLRB had even announced a date for the Kaiser election -- Regan intended to declare “majority support,” come hell or high water, during the week of February 25th, whether it was true or not.  Apparently for Regan, it’s hell.

Other explosive details reveal that Regan thought he had a secret deal with the NLRB for the ballots to be mailed out on March 19th. 

In addition, the document reveals that Regan -- in a replay of the last election -- is actively working with Kaiser management to manipulate the company’s bargaining with NUHW’s optical workers in order to give SEIU phony issues to campaign on. It’s precisely this kind of illegal collusion between Kaiser and SEIU that led to the tossing out of the last NLRB election in 2010.

The document also reveals how SEIU is working hand in hand with Kaiser to try to undermine the California Nurses Association. Last year, the CNA's 18,000 members joined NUHW in two statewide strikes against Kaiser’s efforts to impose company-wide benefit reductions, including cuts to retiree health benefits that SEIU-UHW subsequently accepted. SEIU’s cuts -- which were also adopted by other “partnership unions” -- produced $1.8 billion in savings for Kaiser, according to Kaiser’s accountants, even as Kaiser was making record profits.

Now, the internal document reveals that Regan has instructed SEIU’s staff to lie to the CNA's membership in an effort to divide and weaken the nurses… and to assist Kaiser management.

Altogether, the explosive document reveals a level of desperation among SEIU and Kaiser. Apparently, they believe their only chance to win the upcoming election is to keep lying. But people are noticing. And the fact that this document was leaked by someone inside the Purple Palace suggests that even Regan’s allies are sick of him and his lies.

Here's the internal document. Below, Tasty has posted an NUHW leaflet about the document.