Thursday, February 28, 2013

Octavio Velarde Shines as SEIU's 'Hallway Monitor' at Kaiser Hospital

Octavio Velarde

Workers report that Octavio Velarde, who was recently fired by AFSCME Local 3299, has been hired by Dave Regan and is busily performing his new role as SEIU-UHW’s official “hall monitor” at Kaiser Walnut Creek Medical Center.

Workers have sighted Velarde as he eagerly patrols the hospital’s hallways and pals around with Kaiser’s security guards. Recently, several workers walked to a nearby department so they could eat lunch with some co-workers. As they walked down a hallway, they noticed Octavio The Hallway Monitor following closely behind them while speaking in hushed tones to his iPhone -- presumably to Dave Regan or Kaiser’s security guards.

SpongeBob was a Hallway Monitor
Velarde is the latest in a long line of purple hall monitors, including Scott Silber and “Caleb the Creepy Bathroom Monitor” (aka, Caleb Jennings).  

Sources at AFSCME say they’re not surprised by Velarde’s new job. Before his firing, Velarde was widely disliked for obsessively monitoring staffers inside Local 3299’s office in Los Angeles.

They say this definition of “hall monitor” fits Velarde to a “t”:

Someone who polices the halls and rats on fellow peers for petty power, self esteem and approval from elders. Self appointed judges of anything.

Check out this recent photo of Velarde inside Kaiser Walnut Creek as he displays the tools of his trade and contemplates the heavy responsibilities of his new position. The apple? That's what Velarde hands to the Bosses to suck up to them. The tape? That's apparently associated with his spying against workers.
Octavio Velarde, SEIU Hallway Monitor at Kaiser Walnut Creek Medical Center